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About Us - Who we are and What we do

Helinox is the world's leader in the development and production of outdoor equipment. We innovate, and our competition follows. Helinox innovation starts with the input from the most adventurous of adventurers, refined by the most experienced engineers in the industry. Our mission is to develop the very best in strong, functional, and lightweight outdoor gear. It’s also our passion. The people on our Helinox team are outdoor enthusiasts, driven by the pursuit of excellence and their commitment to your making your outdoor experience all that it can be.

Superior Material and DAC Technology

Helinox combines the finest of materials available with cutting-edge technology. For more than twenty years, Helinox world famous DAC technology has brought our customers a selection of the strongest, lightest, and most functional of outdoor equipment on the market. All of our Helinox products incorporate our unique DAC technology, and that means you get the highest in quality and strength, the lightest in weight, and dependability that will amaze you - for years to come.

Working with DAC, Helinox has moved outdoor equipment to the next level with the development of the TH72M aluminum alloy making our shaft support systems stronger and a whopping 30% lighter than what our competition can offer. Our best-selling camp chair, the Helinox Chair One weighs in at less than 1 kg and, we are proud to say, has proven our focus on achieving excellence as a winner of Red Dot Design Awards in 2013, 2015 and 2016!

Helinox and Sustainability

At Helinox, we truly respect nature and that includes our focus on sustainability and the development of eco-friendly production processes. Our search for environmentally responsible production methods has led to 'Green Anodizing', a protective color coating for our TH72M aluminum alloy that doesn't require the use of environmentally harmful acids. With the introduction of the Green Anodizing process, we hope to spearhead a movement to go green across the industry. Your choice for Helinox products made with the TH72M alloy and Green Anodizing is a meaningful choice for our environment and future.