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Helinox Technologies

DAC is known as a global leader in the production of high quality tubing and polymer parts for outdoor equipment and in advancing the development of tent pole systems. It’s no wonder that today DAC is considered the state-of-the-art producer of telescopic shaft constructions. Over the last 24 years, the engineers and designers at DAC have worked relentlessly to achieve lighter, stronger, simpler, and more dependable tent construction. Today, Helinox benefits from these achievements in direct collaboration with DAC in the development of outdoor gear, aluminum alloys, and the production process. This very special alliance has resulted in the production of superior and top quality products in the world of outdoor equipment.

The TH72M Alloy

The development of cutting-edge materials is a step-by-step process, and sometimes it leads to exceptional breakthroughs. The development of TH72M is without a doubt one of these breakthroughs. A momentous development in the advancement of lightweight materials, DAC has produced TH72M as the strongest, lightest, and most durable alloy ever made, exclusively available for DAC and Helinox products.

Tension Corrosion

While engineers at DAC worked for years with producers to strengthen and improve the composition of aluminum, the advent of TH72M has also solved the problem of tension corrosion. Tension corrosion leads to cracking or splitting resulting from interaction between metals, exposure to the environment, and the impact of tensile stress within mechanisms. One way of addressing the problem of tension corrosion is to produce aluminum tubing with thicker wall construction for greater strength, but at the added cost of extra materials and overall weight.

The TH72M alloy is free from tension corrosion concerns and can be used to produce aluminum tubing with the advantages of a thinner wall. TH72M’s superior strength and considerably lighter weight not only prevents tension corrosion, it also defines the most advanced in aluminum constructions available to the outdoor adventurer!

Trekking Pole Technology

Most trekking poles are made with tubing in standard diameters. At Helinox, our technological advances make it possible to choose from a range of diameter and wall dimensions. In this way, we are able to optimize the design and adjustment mechanism specifically for each of our Helinox Trekking Poles. Our lightweight construction, without compromising strength or durability, is essential to why Helinox produces the finest of trekking poles available.

Tension Lock System

The Helinox Tension Lock system is a major step forward in trekking pole design. By simply extending the pole, the (internal??) system locks in place for a more streamlined, lighter weight, and user-friendly experience.

Advanced Test Facilities

Helinox Innovation begins with the great outdoors, but in the end, there’s nothing more important than user experience. In order to advance our technologies and expertise, we subject our products to rigorous testing at our Helinox lab. We simulate the most extreme of conditions, for example testing stress in a wind tunnel or using robots to test for durability. Our test facilities have led to great technological strides and the guarantee of the high quality and functional sophistication found in all Helinox products.

Green Anodizing

At Helinox, we believe and invest in the development of environmentally responsible production processes. One of our greatest achievements is the eco-friendly ‘Green Anodizing’ process used in making our products, with the added bonus of preventing corrosion. Our TH72M aluminum tubing is the first that can be anodized without the use of acids harmful to the environment. Green Anodizing is a breakthrough process that is getting a lot of attention worldwide and has the potential to help reduce industrial pollution.