Ridgeline DL135 (Pair)

The larger-diameter Ridgeline collection of walking poles are lightweight and strong – the perfect 'all-rounder'. Equally at home on casual day walks or multi-day treks in difficult terrain. The DL135 weighs just 224 grams per pole. 

  • Dual lever lock, adjustable length, telescopic poles.
  • Locking levers feature adjustable tension and a unique 'rest zone' when collapsed to prolong service life.
  • Long wearing tungsten-carbide pole tips with sharp profile for extra grip.
  • Supplied with rubber tip covers for hard surface use.
  • Shafts made from advanced DAC alloy.
  • EVA foam grips with adjustable wrist straps.
  • Backed by a five-year warranty.
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The intelligent lever lock Ridgeline DL135 (Pair)

The intelligent lever lock

The Helinox lever locking mechanism is simple, strong, reliable and silent. Unique to Helinox, a 'lever rest zone' reduces tension on the lever when the pole is compacted. This prolongs service life and maintains consistent locking pressure. The lever operates on twin 'cams' for increased locking effectiveness without increased operator effort.

Reliable performance Ridgeline DL135 (Pair)

Reliable performance

Helinox DL135 trekking poles are engineered from the lightest & strongest alloy tubing available - DAC TH72M. This advanced alloy allows us to produce a strong pole section while still maintaining a thin tube wall for minimum weight.

The double lever locking mechanisms operate vertically – reducing the risk of accidental disengagement in thick undergrowth. Locking force is easily adjusted via twin screws on each lever assembly.

Specifications - DL135

Assembled Packed

90 - 135 cm / 35 to 53 in

61 cm / 24 in


224 grams / 7.9 ounces per pole

Suitable for height:

140 - 205 cm / 4' 7" to 6' 9"

Shaft material:

TH72M DAC alloy


5 years